About Flying

Radio Controlled Aircraft modeling involves many skills and disciplines. This hobby will help you to develop skills in aerodynamics, electronics, mechanics, drafting woodworking, and working with composite materials. Joining our club will introduce you to members that have been modeling and flying for over 30 years and are very competent in all of these disciplines. You may also opt for the Ready to Fly (RTF) models and still get plenty of enjoyment from the hobby. Come along to one of our flying sites, ask questions watch and learn and have a go and be prepared to have some fun!

Membership Benefits

As a member of SSL you will enjoy the benefits of:

  •  Multi-Million Dollar MAAA Third Party Insurance ($250 excess).
  • A stake in the future of the premier RC Soaring Club in South Australia

IMPORTANT: Last year SSL spent a lot of time correcting data on the MAAA website. This year the Executive want each Member to take responsibility for this task by registering on the MAAA website and maintaining your personal details. SSL will only assist those who do not have internet access (we know who). The link to the site is to address your details is:

Membership Fees

Senior$280Members over the age of 18 Years
Junior$85Members under the age of 18
(Date of birth must be supplied)
Pensioner$233Members who have a pension card
(Pension card number must be supplied)
$163/$116Members who are a full member of another MAAA affiliated club
(MAAA affiliation details must be supplied)
Social$31Non-flying members

You may join SSL by:

Sending the appropriate fee and details to:
Rick Burnard (Treasurer)

Postal Address
Southern Soaring League
c/-1A Benara Street
Eden Hills SA 5050

Remember to include:

  •  Your Name
  •  Address (and mailing address if different)
  •  Phone Numbers
  •  MAAA Affiliation Number (if applicable)
  •  Date of Birth
  •  Pension Number (if applicable)
  •  Frequencies of your radio(s) Check out the SSL Handbook.
  •  If you wish to join after 1st Jan and have not been a member of a club for over 12 months, please contact the Treasurer for details of the revised fee.

Electronic Payment

Payments to be made to ‘Southern Soaring League’:

Southern Soaring League
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633 000
Acct: 178 216 065

PLEASE NOTE for when making your payment on-line:
To identify your payment please enter in the relevant area of the payment,

“Initial SURNAME MS Fee”