Slope Soaring

The slope, usually on the coast, offers a continual source of lift when the wind direction is favourable. This brings an enjoyable aspect to the sport, the lift being used in the main for general fun flying but there is also an interest in plane to plane combat using all foam planes.

The slope offers and excellent training ground for new glider guiders, several hours of continuous flying are possible on a single day that would require many many bungie launches. Landing at the slope can be more difficult that a flat field.

Some of the sites are in conservation areas and we urge all flyers to be mindful of the local rules and only fly if you are experienced and can land back at the designated landing parts.

Greg Potter's large scale RES Glider at Tappanappa
Greg Potter’s large scale RES Glider at Tappanappa
Mike Mini Corrado-800x600
Mike O’Reilly flying his Mini Corrado on the slope at Tappanappa