Southern Soaring League (SSL) is a club with a long history of gliding and welcomes new glider pilots and anyone who wishes to learn to fly park flyers and electric sport aircraft.

SSL was formed in 1973. For most of its life, the club has had around 80 members. There are three members of more than 25 years standing and many more with 20 and 15 year badges. This strong core is at the heart of the club.

The club has 2 main flying sites. Victoria park Racecourse on the southern fringe of the city is probably one of the most central flying sites in the world. Smaller glider competitions are regularly run there and there are a large group of fun and sport flyers. This is the best place for a beginner to come, especially on Sunday mornings. The club also has the support of the Adelaide City Council as a special interest group within the Adelaide Parklands.

Our other main site is SSL Park at Milang about 40 minutes south of Adelaide. This site has been the arena for some exciting F3J and F3B National competitions and is the launching place for Australian Representatives in International competitions.